Maisons Laffitte To Close

Maisons Laffitte to close

French Galop have released a statement, announcing that Maisons Laffitte Racecourse is set to close from next year.

Based in Paris, the course is home to 24 flat racedays, featuring two Group Two races and a number of key French Classic trials.

The result of the closure is due to a “reduction in operating costs” in response to falling betting revenues.

The decision has not gone down with racing fans in France and neither with the majority of French trainers, who base themselves in the outskirts of the French Capital.

Maisons-Laffitte is also well known to being a training base for many and is quoted by France Galop as being “more than just a racecourse."

(Credit: Racing UK) The statement reads: “At its central economic and social committee meeting today, France Galop’s management presented a project for the restructuring of its activities at Maisons-Laffitte.

“The project involves the following: Rescaling and modernising the Maisons-Laffitte Training Centre thanks to an investment of around 1.5million euros, designed to ensure it continues to operate.

“Although the training centre is designed to allow 1,500 horses to train there at any one time, it is home to fewer than 500 at the moment. The adjustment to its actual level of activity will lead to a significant reduction in operating costs.

”As for the track’s future, we are halting all ‘horse racing’ activities at the Maisons-Laffitte racecourse at the end of 2019," it finishes.

More to follow..