Laytown Style Beach Racing Could Be Coming To England

Beach Racing

Fakenham's clerk of the course David Hunter has expressed plans to bring beach racing to the UK off the back of the success that Laytown has in Ireland, with and event in North Norfolk needing a lot of work but could be on the horizon.

There is word that some trainers in the Newmarket area are backing the idea with plans for racing on the beach to take place four-mile long sandy beach at Holkham which looks the most sensible venue at this moment in time.

Hunter came up with the idea to bring this event to Britain after he visited the Laytown meeting in September and believes it could be a huge occasion for the sport.

Holkham is located only 12 miles short of the Fakenham track, which is actually used frequently by flat trainers mainly from Newmarket in the off season to let their horses run across the beach and enjoy the sea.

There looks to be a fair bit to do with logistics and the BHA with regulations to get the event approved but for the meantime it is an exciting idea that has the potential to do well in the future.

(Credit Racing Post) Hunter said: "I went to Laytown for the first time this year and loved it. I came back thinking we could do something similar along the North Norfolk or East Anglian coast as we have vast areas of sandy beach.

"I hope to go to some of the beach racing they have in mainland Europe such as France next year and it could well work here, especially as we are trying to attract different crowds."

Trying to introduce new people into the sport is a problem that leading figures have to try and persist with and overcome every year and adding the diversity of beach racing to the British flat racing calendar might just do this.

He added: "The Norfolk coast attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors through the summer months and somewhere like Holkham would be a possible venue, although the access through Lady Anne's Drive is a bit narrow.

"Like other beaches along the coast it has vast sands, although any sites would have to be subject to discussions with landowners and other stakeholders.

"If it could come off I'm sure it would prove popular and I'm sure the Newmarket trainers would support it as it's only 90 minutes down the road."