Killian Moore Cleared Of Drink Driving Charge

Killian Moore Cleared Of Drink Driving Charge

Jump jockey Killian Moore has been cleared of any potential charges, after being found 'not guilty' of drink driving at Cheltenham Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Moore crashed his Audi A4 in February last year on the B4078 in Gloucestershire, before walking to a friend's house two miles away.

The court heard that the 26-year-old was breathalysed and arrested by police, upon their arrival at the address.

The jockey was found to be exceeding the alcohol limit by '35 microgrammes of alcohol', but only due to the fact his friend had given him some rum to try and cope with the stress and anxiety of the accident.

(Credit: Racing Post) In a written statement, Jacqueline Ross said that the jockey had rented a cottage near to her home and called at 9.45pm that evening in a state of shock.

"He was crying, but he did not appear to be drunk," the statement read.

Along with her husband Malcolm, they went to the scene just outside Dumbleton, leaving their son Ian with Killian. After returning to the house, Ross found her son drinking Captain Morgans alongside the jockey.

Moore's defending solicitor - Dermot Clarke, told the Cheltenham court, that the case rested on an expert’s analysis of the situation.

(Credit: Racing Post) Clarke said: "The conclusion of this detailed, 45-page report by an eminent doctor is that the amount of alcohol consumed before the accident was insufficient to constitute an offence.

"The prosecution case must be that the defendant was over the limit when he crashed. And, in interview, my client has given a full account of drinking after the accident," he finished.

Now the case is cleared, we hope to see Killian Moore back doing what he does best.