Jockey Daniel Muscutt Takes Heavy Fall At Chelmsford

Jockey Daniel Muscutt suffered a horrific Injury last night at Chelmsford when riding Pico Boulevard in the 18:15 and was not able to return for action for the rest of the night with the extent of his injuries.

The horse unfortunately clipped heels with the horse in front sending it to the ground where Muscutt flew over the top and landed dreadfully on his neck and back in what was a freak accident.

Daniel Muscutt was left with career threatening injuries breaking a bone in his neck and ribs and breaking several bones in his Verterbrae. The jockey, who was conscious and talking when leaving the racecourse, was then taken to Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford where his injuries were revealed in full.

To add to this sad news at the track, the horse that was involved Pico Boulevard was fatally injured and from there will never race again. Racing did continue for the rest of the contests on the card but the overwhelming feeling around the racecourse was that of dejection.

It is still unknown whether Daniel Muscutt will be able to race again as more will be released over the coming days as tohow severe the injuries are.