Jockey Agents Banned From Betting In Australia Rule Change

Racing New South Wales in Australia have announced a new rule that will now see jockey agents being stopped and banned from participating in betting or tipping on contests that involve their clients.

The rule was first put forward back in April 2018 but on Monday the rule was certified and officially broadcasted ahed of being implemented in March 2019.

The new local rule by Racing New South Wales will prevent any riders agent who:

(a) bets, has an interest in a bet, or facilitates a bet; or

(b) provides either directly or indirectly to any person for any direct or indirect financial or other benefit (regardless of whether such benefit materialises) any tip, or any other information or advice that may influence any person to bet,

(a & b) on any NSW race in which a rider whom the rider's agent represents (in accordance with AR1) is engaged to ride, commits an offence and may be penalised. For the purposes of this rule, a bet includes a lay bet.

The new rule does allow a jockey manager to be exempt from the rule provided they 'seek written approval from Racing NSW'.

"To be exempt from the provisions LR71A, such application must be made in writing to Racing NSW prior to the commencement date," Racing NSW said in a letter to agents."

Please note that unless written approval is obtained from Racing NSW then the provisions of the rule are effective 1 March 2019."

This rule is huge for Australian racing as a lot of jockey agents as part of there enterprise and portfolio of what they do is based around tipping horses for media outlets and other services that provide tips on payed basis.