Horse Racing Does Not Get Much Stranger Than This

Japan is well known for its weird and wonderful culture and their horse racing does not stray away from that with this race truly summing it up.

Recently last month Japan had one of there greatest races and arguably produced one of the greatest horses to come out of the country in a long time when Almond Eye won the Grade 1 Japan Cup in Tokyo.

This three year old is unbeaten in her career having five races all in Japan with one at Grade 3 level and the other four at Group 1 level, this filly has now gone to joint favourite for the 2019 Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe which shows how special this youngster is.

This race is not for the faint hearted as it shows four horses in a flat race unseat there rider and leave the on looking Japanese spectators in complete shock as something like this has never been seen in horse racing before.

The field started out with seven horses with the first jockey leaving his ride just before the turn and then in the run in the current leader veered sharply to the left, flinging the jockey in the air but then hampering two other horses.

The now rogue horse when getting in the way of the other two horses also managed to make those jockeys unseat from the saddle and then left three horses that were at the back of the field to fight it out.

This race also shows the luck and fortune some punters can have but also the disappointment and bad luck racing offers that if your horse was cruising in front and does that you can't do anything about it.

You will never see anything like this in horse racing again, it truly is the strangest race in the world.

See Video Below!

(Credit We Love Betting)