Horse At Yarmouth Breaks Free And Invades Golf Course


Yesterday at Yarmouth a strange event took place when the Richard Spencer trained Jean Valjean was on his to post for the 16:30 Class 6 Handicap over six furlongs when the three year old bolted and chucked jockey Sean Kirrane off.

The horse after chucking his rider off started to pick up pace and carried on running towards a railed area eventually jumping through through the railings and galavanting off with not a care in the world.

Racing was delayed at Yarmouth in an effort to try and catch the course but he continued running all way to the local golf course where he was seen running across the course.

The colt was caught and returned to his trainer later on and luckily had escaped serious injury only picking up cuts on his body but it could have been a lot worse for the horse that is still without a professional win.

The horse nearly went as far as the near by beach which would have been a huge surprise for the passing people on the beach but later in the day Richard Spencer cleared things up.

(Credit Racing Post) He said: "He is fine but he isn't in that he has cuts and hematomas."

The jockey was also unharmed and was able to continue on his other rides left of the afternoon and he added: "He was wearing a visor for the first time and not all horses face them and he caught fright.

"He was not stopping and I had to bale out – that was better than going through the barriers. It's a shame as he had a little chance."    

Clerk of the course Richard Aldous said: "The problem is we're a bit open on to the golf course and straight on to the beach and he went down towards Scratby, so my head groundsman and the girl with him in the truck and another lad were going for a run down the beach.

"I'm not sure whether he was caught by a member of the public but he's being walked back by the trainer and assistant trainer."

Overall the actual race was 19 minutes late of its actual start time when going off seeing another horse withdrawn due to the delay.

(Credit At The Races)