Horse At Newcastle Caught Near The A1 After Jockey Breaks Leg

There was a night to forget for Savannah Moon and Tom Eaves at Newcastle on Monday evening after a night of drama where the filly managed to escape the racecourse and travel towards the A1 when she was eventually recovered but before that falling in running causing jockey Tom Eaves to take a heavy fall and break his leg in three places.

Eventually after a travelling a fair distance the four year old was found and recovered safely to the racecourse by members of the public, where they explained she really wasn't far from the Great North Road and could have been a lot worse than it was for connections of Savannah Moon.

Before the fillies adventure towards the road she entered the Parklands Golf Club where she took an adventure across the second and the 18th holes. Savannah Moon Then managed to somehow get behind the clubhouse and out of the entrance of Gosforth Park where she was then eventually found.

Jockey Tom Eaves while all this was going on was recovering from his heavy fall in which he found out he will be spending a long time off the track after suffering a terrible injury to his leg when the Kevin Ryan trained horse clipped the heels of the horse in front, taking a stumble and then unseating Eaves.

The Jockey was out of action for the rest of the card which goes without saying but when getting x-rayed found out he had broke his right fibula in three places.

What a weird and unlucky moment at the northern track and we wish Tome Eaves a speedy recovery with his injury!