Hilarious Video From Racecourse Betting Ring

A video from a betting ring has resurfaced on social media recently and it truly is one of the best pranks seen at a racecourse. Frequently there are videos coming from race goers having a laugh and enjoying the racing but this is one of the funniest we have seen.

Around the betting ring at a race meeting all you can here is the bookies shouting, the punters talking amongst themselves about what horse they are going to put there money on and then the cheers or groans when the race comes to a finish.

In this betting ring there is something happening that is not normally seen and it may be because it was a quieter meeting but the atmosphere still looks lively and this just added to it.

Some punters are in the stands and are seemed to be looking like they are enjoying a laugh, having a drink and taking in the day and just in front of them where they are standing a note of money seems to be on the floor.

The on looking lads don't seem to worry about it or even notice it but when a couple walk past and see the note they try to pick it up and from there the lads actually have it on a piece of string and pull it away as he tries to take it off the floor.

This explanation does not give the video its true justice so we have it here for you below to have a look, it really will make you chuckle.

(Credit @ScotHoodGolf)