Happy Valley Course Guide

Happy Valley Racecourse Guide

Happy Valley is a tight, right-handed track that measures just under 1600m in circumference with the rails being able to move which allows horses to be run on the A, B, C and C+3 courses.

Most races are run at 1650m or shorter with a maximum field of 12 due to the track being quite narrow and there are certain factors you need on your side to go well here.

Having a good draw is the first thing you need to look at when selecting your horses at Happy Valley as, if you are to wide then your horse will have no chance of getting round the bend basically giving you minimal chance of mounting a challenge.

What comes hand in hand with the draw is that if your horse is not nicely positioned you will need to have some luck in the running, finding that gap or getting a tracking behind a smart horse could pay to keep in mind.

Finally, an experienced jockey at the track is definitely something to look at when punting at this track with riders like Zac Purton and Joao Moreira ones to keep on side.

The bend after the winning post is very sharp and for plenty scuppers there chances if getting it wrong, that leads to a back straight which has a marked dip in the middle.

That leads into a tighter but well clustered final bend and a home straight of just over 300m that nine times out of ten leads to at least two or three horses in with a chance coming up to the line.

Horses that are drawn low to middle tend to have an advantage, especially in races over 1200m and 1650m where runners head swiftly into a turn.

Happy Valley
(Credit At The Races)