Godolphin Call For Staff To Lose Weight

Godolphin Call For Staff To Lose Weight

Sheikh Mohammed has called for Godolphin's staff members to weigh no more than 10st 7lb come February, in an attempt to alter riding standards.

One of the sports leading ownerships have declared those that require to lose weight will be assisted to do so, after a staff notice posted on social media stated that after the most recent weighing of staff in November, the process would in future continue on a monthly basis with records kept by the human resources department.

The notice read: "Any rider who is above 67kg will immediately cease riding and be allocated temporary duties within the yard. They will then be weighed on a weekly basis with the expectation that they must weigh a maximum of 67kg by 1st February 2019.

"Any rider who is still over 67kg on 1st February 2019 will be dealt with under the Company's Capability procedure," it concluded.

This has launched a worldwide debate, with many of us divided on differing opinions.

Some more experienced members of the yards based around the globe, along with many others looking in have stated that this decision should not be a surprise to anyone, as Godolphin's standards have always been very high.

Whereas others have backed statements, such as the one declared by the Senior Nutritionist for the Professional Jockeys Association - Dan Martin, who claimed setting a timescale of just over three weeks could encourage some riders to resort to "the dark arts," including self-induced vomiting.

Others have singled out the yard could in turn promote excess sweating, starving and flipping amongst the staff.

A Godolphin statement said: "Godolphin has maintained a weight requirement for our riders for many years. It is a straightforward way to ensure the welfare of horse and rider.

"Almost every single Godolphin rider is below 67kg. Those few who are not will be carefully assisted in losing weight in a sensible and healthy way."