Funniest On Air Bloopers By Racing Pundits

More so over the past few years with the addition of racing going to ITV, the coverage of the sport has become more engaging with the audience and definitely more entertaining.

At The Races and Racing UK have been at the forefront over many years for providing horse racing on our televisions both nationally and globally and both stations have different pundits that work for them.

ITV on the other hand, as they are only broadcasting on weekends most of the time use pundits from those stations to all collaborate together which makes for a very informative show of racing.

With all this, the main aim of the pundits on the show are to inform the audience of stats and other pieces of news within the sport that we might not have known or if we did know, explained in more detail.

This video of the bloopers shows off the other side of how a horse racing pundit live on air is just as much of a human being just like us and things that happen in everyday life that are laughed and chuckled about are this time caught on camera to rewatch forever.

Some of these clips are very embarrassing but highly hilarious catching out some of the most well known horse racing figures in the business.

Matt Chapman, Luke Harvey, Jason Weaver and Barry Geraghty all feature in the video that really will make you cackle, have a watch below.

(Credit At The Races)