Female Rider Saffie Osbourne Suffers Serious Injuries In Windsor Fall

Saffie Osbourne

Up and coming rider Saffie Osborne suffered a broken arm and ribs in a nasty fall at Windsor on Monday with the daughter of ex jumps rider and now flat trainer Jamie Osbourne lucky to come away with just those injuries.

Osborne was partnering the Alexandra Dunn-trained Zeyzoun in division one of the Follow At The Races On Twitter Handicap when the horse clipped heels with the Marco Ghiani ridden Maykir, which sent the 7lb claimer off the horse and crashing towards the ground and Ghiani was handed a 10-day ban because of the incident.

It was a mixed day for the rider as earlier on in the card she managed to land a winner on board the veteran 11 year old Pettochside in the claiming stakes, but obviously her day was marred by the injuries she picked up and she will not be off the track for sometime.

(Credit ATR) Her father said: “She’s in Wexham Park hospital. She’s awaiting surgery and is having her left arm plated.

She’s got broken ribs, a little bit of potential trauma to the lung from the ribs – so they’ll monitor that, and hopefully it won’t need draining – but everything that is broken will mend, which is the important thing.

“Having watched and participated in many falls over the last 35 years, you kind of have a sense of when it’s not good – and watching that fall, it had the potential to be a not very good outcome.

“To be honest we’re all relieved that, while there are broken bones, they will mend – it could have been a lot worse.“This year was all about her gaining as much experience as possible – so she’s experienced a little bit of everything now!

“She was going to go away this winter. We’ll put that on hold, and she’s got plenty of time to get better for the start of next season. It will take more than this to put her off.”

Saffie Osbourne managed to land nine winners in her first season as a rider on the flat and she will be hoping to make a swift recovery so she can improve on that next term.