Drone Controversy Continues At Haydock

Drone Controversy Continues At Haydock

The ongoing controversy surrounding drone sightings continued over the weekend, when one was spotted hovering over Haydock racecourse.

It was believed to be controlled from a white van parked outside the track, and it is understood that this is not the first time this van has been identified on a raceday.

The main concern with drones is that they stream faster pictures to punters, handing some an unfair advantage over others.

Track officials say the lightning-fast images provided by the drones in the air, are being bought by gamblers who bet mid-race.

The bird’s eye view is perfect for those sort of punters, who can therefore have an early sight of potentially race-changing moments, which would of been particularly useful at Haydock on Saturday, where there were four Grade Twos events.

With the images a few seconds ahead of TV feeds, this can get them an edge, not just over the bookies, but fellow gamblers, who bet on the exchanges such as Betfair.

This breaks several rules in the Gambling Act's terms and conditions, with the likes of Leicester, Nottingham, Uttoxeter and Wolverhampton also having experienced drone sightings in recent weeks.

(Credit: Racing Post) BHA spokesman Robin Mounsey said: "Responsibility for preventing unauthorised intrusion by drones above a racecourse sits with the racecourses themselves.

"If required or appropriate racecourses might wish to call on the support of local law enforcement to deal with an issue around unregulated drones.

"The BHA stewards would become involved if they are asked by the racecourse executive to either delay, or abandon a race or races because drones were on site and causing a risk to horses, participants or the general public."