Dalgleish Fined After He Takes Wrong Horse To Catterick

Scottish trainer Keith Dalgleish who looks set to send his strongest ever team to Royal Ascot in a weeks time had a Monday to forget after taking the wrong horse to Catterick to race.

The ex jockey thought he was presenting five-year-old L'Air Du Vent to the vet but instead it was another horse that he travelled down to Catterick with and unfortunately was fined £750.

This event happened back in February but has only been bought to the attention of the public recently with the story getting much more dubious with the horse that actually was presented to the vets not supposed to be trained by Keith Dalgleish.

The five year old called Harry Senior that was actually at Catterick was meant to be trained by Colin Tizzard in Dorset, a long way from Dalgleish's yard which makes the matter even stranger being close to 400 miles difference between the two yards.

(Credit Racing Post and BHA) The BHA judicial panel on Monday discussed the issue and stated that this: "When the horse was scanned into the racecourse stables it became apparent the microchip number did not match the name given for the horse. When the passport markings were checked against the horse, the veterinary officer identified a number of discrepancies in the passport markings compared with the horse presented."

The big mix up occurred between the two yards and the horses when they were travelling over from Ireland back to Britain and it was officially confirmed that L'Air Du Vent was at Tizzard's stable after all.

The BHA report also said: "Upon further investigation it has been established that the horse he had presented as L’Air Du Vent was in fact Harry Senior. It was confirmed that the blood sample taken from the horse presented to the veterinary officer was indeed Harry Senior, which was reported as being in training with Colin Tizzard."

The panel went on to fine the Scottish trainer £750 and L'Air Du Vent has since gone on to win for Colin Tizzard at Bangor.