Cranbourne Racecourse Clerk Captures Loose Horse Brilliantly

One of the Clerk of the Course's at Cranbourne racecourse in Australia did something extraordinary over the weekend by capturing a loose horse that was running wild on the track and how he stopped the animal has seen him go viral.

75 year old, Kevin Wynne just thought it was a normal day at the office but for any outsider looking in it was an amazing piece of horsemanship that truly shows how skilled these people are at there jobs.

The former jump jockey back in the day who now also works as an outrider at the course, was able to capture loose horse Lady Belle while the horse was at near top speed on his pony before the start of the fourth race.

The mare dislodged jockey Jye McNeil and was a danger to herself, as well as fellow horses and riders and Wynne spotted the danger and acted superbly to latch onto the racehorse and bring her to a canter.

The Aussie man has been working at the racecourse in Victoria for nearly 20 years and looks at what he did as just doing his job.

(Credit Racing Post) Wynne said: "You're out there to do a job and that it to help protect the jockeys and the horses," he said.

"She [Lady Belle] came out of the mounting yard and ran straight into the running rail on the inside of the track which was where she lost the rider.

"She panicked a bit and took off a good gallop. She didn't make it easy for me and it took a couple of grabs but we got there in the end. I'm just happy everyone was okay."