Could Jack Whitehall become the next big celebrity horse owner?

Jack Whitehall

Jack Whitehall is one of the most well known comedians in Britain and having starred in likeable shows through the years including, A League Of Their Own, Bad Education and Fresh Meat he has became even more popular.

The star could be the next big name to properly get into horse racing and having previously been involved in small syndicates, he may be looking to own horses outright in the future.

Whitehall is a longstanding friend of Newmarket trainer George Scott and as said before, has been part of syndicates in the past that have not shed racing ownership in the best light with them being less than successful.

However, The Brits host is still a keen racing fan and enjoys everything that a race day provide.

(Credit Racing Post) He added: "I really enjoy it and it’s a bit of everything I like. I like a little bit of betting but that’s not the main thing for me.

"I love going for the spectacle of it with the sheer amount of people that you get at one of those [big] meets compared to any other sporting event. Being there and watching [the horses] coming towards you with the sound of it and the crowd going wild it’s something I really appreciate as a sporting spectacle.

"I love sports and go to lots of sports but something like Cheltenham takes some beating as an event."

Whitehall, although not seeing race horse ownership in the best light yet has not been put off in getting involved with it again in the future.

He said: "I definitely think I could [get back involved]. Even though it probably wasn’t the most rewarding experience, it’s the thrill and the excitement of it. It’s being more invested in race days and following your horse, and that was really exciting."