British racing looking at return to action at quarantined tracks

British Racing

British Racing is seriously considering a return to racing only at a limited number of racecourses and under severely strict quarantine rules and conditions once the government has lifted the current guidelines.

The group that have been put in charge of making the decision of what particular racecourses will be the hosts of the quarantined races will have to stage fixtures without spectators, and would have hotels on site for all people working on the race-day.

At the moment there are two tracks that are leading the way to be staging the races and that is Newcastle and Lingfield with both tracks offering flat and jumps racing and also catering for all weather races.

Another track on the flat that could host racing during this difficult time is Hamilton Park but there are issues that if there is a patch of bad weather the track has be known in the past to not deal with large amounts of rain very well.

Newmarket is essentially the hub of British flat racing and is another name in the hat but without a hotel on site it might fall behind other courses that do have the facilities, with the strict quarantine rules needing to be applied.

It is also understood that British racing would need to show to the government and other leading officials that everything was being done to restrict movement of people involved in the race-day and provide a full risk assessment of the likelihood of injury in order to prevent pressure on NHS resources.

(Credit Racing Post) A senior industry source said: "Before we can do all this we need to come out of lockdown. We don't want to start during lockdown and we want to make sure the political and medical environment is appropriate."