Ben Curtis And Rob Hornby Recovering Well After Horror Wolverhampton Fall

Wolverhampton Fall

Leading riders on the flat Ben Curtis and Rob Hornby are both set to spend some time out of the sport with the pair of riders being involved in a horrible collision on the all weather at Wolverhampton on Tuesday.

In the Betway Casino Handicap round the all weather track on Tuesday evening Rob Hornby was unseated from Villanelle when coming into the straight and this also bought down Curtis and his mount Fortultous.

The incident in real time was one of the most horrific incidents seen on a track for a while, but luckily for both riders they were seen sitting up minutes after the fall, With Curtis taking slightly longer to to get to his feet but eventually walked away from the accident.

It was a very surreal incident with all riders looking to make a challenge with their horses and since the fall Kieran O’Neil was handed a 12-day suspension by the stewards for his role.

(Credit ATR) Ben Curtis' agent, Simon Dodds said: “I spoke to Ben this morning. He’s in good spirits considering. He’s going to hospital for scans, but he feels OK.

“There’s a bit of stiffness in his neck and he has a sore leg, but he’s very lucky and looking forward to coming back as soon as he’s allowed.

“He’s having precautionary scans at the hospital today, but he feels 100 per cent. Obviously he has a red mark on his medical book so he’ll be out for at least six days. All things considered Ben’s really lucky.

“It was great to see him up and walking about after the fall.”

As for Rob Hornby he is expected to be back in action at some point this week, his agent Nicky Adams said: He’s having a couple of days just to recoup. He’s a little bit sore and bruised, but otherwise he’s OK.

“He’ll probably be back at the weekend.”