American Race At Laurel Park See's Funniest Horse Name You Will See

The USA is known for its over the top and extravagant personalties and lifestyles and when it comes to there racing it does not change with the tracks, the carnivals and the horses all in the past throwing up moments the racing world will never forget.

This is one of those moments as we have gone back through the archives and found a gem of racing commentary from Laurel Park where a horses name stole the show.

With a furlong left to run there was only two possible horses that could win the race in wet, dirty conditions at the Maryland track and one of them has arguably the greatest name in horse racing.

When the likes of film characters such as Darth Vader, Jaws or any bad person in typical film enters the room the music or sound effects normally are the same to alert the audience something is going to happen.

This was obviously the intended reason and similarity between the two as when the horse starts to creep up on the other and pace it just before the line it is bad for the other horse.

This is exactly what happened and the commentator played the role superbly going over the top and shouting his name home to the delight of the punters who had backed this horse.

No explanation could ever give this commentary justice it truly is just something you need to watch and listen to yourself, so here is the video for you to enjoy below.