American Commentator Loses The Plot Mid Race

The USA is known for its over the top and extravagant personalties and lifestyles and when it comes to there racing it does not change with the tracks, the carnivals and the horses all in the past throwing up moments the racing world will never forget.

This is one of those moments as we have gone back through the archives and found a gem of racing commentary from Saratoga Park where a horses name stole the show.

The commentator starts calling the race as it happens like any normal all weather flat race in the world but with about two furlongs gone in the contest a horse is called in ninth place that everyone thought the commentator might have been blowing his nose.

The horse was called Arrrrrrr, which is a name that has never been seen before in the racing world but what made this race special is that in the closing stages the horse started to look like it was going to get up to win.

With a furlong left to go Arrrrrrr got up in the closing stages and took the race for his connections and the commentator totally lost control.

In his deep American accent it sounded like he was either sneezing, a ship was using its horn or there was a commentary box full of pirates.

This truly is one of the funniest commentaries of a race you will ever see and we are so glad this video has gone viral again and we can show it off to you. Enjoy it below and try not to laugh to much!

(Credit Horse Racing Youtube)