A Look Back To The Strangest Ever Moment In Jumps Racing History

We are going to take you back to January 2002 in what was supposed to be an ordinary meeting at Southwell racecourse, but for all the wrong reasons it was far from that, with something that has never happened in horse racing since that day occurring.

The Champion Jockey at the time A P McCoy went on to take the spoils in what was the weirdest race of his career after he fell on his horse and thought he was out the race, to only get a lift in a Land Rover to get his horse, re-mount it and complete the course to win the race with no other challengers left.

The race started off with seven horses in the field but after all of them fell and for some of them fell twice McCoy was the only jockey to finish the race and win by default. He did this on board the 8/11 favourite Family Business.

He was unseated at the 10th flight out of the 19 in total to jump and was ready to call it a day when the course commentator spoke out that all the other horses had fallen aswell.

Two other jockeys also remounted but in what was a strange turn of events they went on to fall again and could not complete the race. McCoy when he got to his horse got back on board and got it back up to the fence he had to jump to complete the course and went from there after giving the horse a run up.

It is believed to this day that this McCoy holds the record for being the only jockey to win a race after every horse in the field has fallen. The race in total for this distance was supposed to take a maximum of six minutes to finish but it took a huge 10 and a half.

The result was allowed to stand when McCoy had eventually finished the race with queries about the jockey jumping the same fence twice but the stewards cleared it and the result stood.

Being able to remount a horse after it has fallen was banned back in 2009 but there was permutations put in place that reduced the amount of remounts in a race after Kauto Star fell in 2005.

This video is by far the most strangest thing you will come across in the world of horse racing and there is nothing like this that will ever be seen again.

(Credit At The Races and Racing Profits)