A Look Back: One Of The Worst Incidences On A Racecourse

One of the most strangest and yet hilarious moments in horse racing overseas took place a few years back and we have had a look back at it.

One drunken punter has decided to and somehow managed to get onto the track during a live race and try and beat the horses to the finishing post.

This race in Australia truly has shown the lesser side of horse racing with the lack of security and obvious intoxication of the man on the track.

Thankfully none of the horses involved in the race or any of the jockeys in the race were harmed and the streaker didn't cause the damage he may have intended on doing.

Another heroic thing to come out of it was the commentator valiantly didn't comment on the streaker and did not give him the satisfaction and attention he wanted.

Although this was a very funny and something that is very rarely seen at race meetings it is not the first time it has happened over seas and in the UK with drinking and race meetings going hand in hand.

Enjoy the video below.

(Credit dlynott)