2021 Racing League Announce First Six Teams

Racing League

The Racing League set to take place in 2021 have announced the first six teams that will take part in the event, which will see 12 teams take part next summer in the competition that will feature 36 races, each worth £50,000 with total prize money of £1.8m.

The league will set to ignite the sport and give a new angle to get people involved in flat racing with the current six teams being split by trainers in certain regions and each racing team will enter a squad of 30 horses.

The first team will be made up of horses that are trained by handlers from North with Richard Fahey and Tim Easterby teaming up.

They will be closely followed by a Newmarket based outfit with the inform Hugo Palmer set to be joined by Charlie Fellowes and his close friend George Scott.

Going down further south, the handlers in that art of the country will come together to field three teams with the likes of Andrew Balding and Richard Hannon making the first team.

The second team will be made up of four people starting with George Baker, David Menuisier, Gary Moore and Amanda Perrett and they will be up against a team made up of Roger Charlton, Alan King, Martyn Meade and Brian Meehan.  

We could not create a racing league without inviting the Irish trainers to take part and they are represented in abundance with brothers Joseph and Donnacha O'Brien coming together to make a team.

(Credit ATR) Oli Harris, Racing League’s Chief Marketing Officer said “We’re thrilled by the broad range of support from trainers. We will shortly confirm the remaining six teams followed by details of the jockeys chosen to represent each team.” 

The first event is said to take place at Newcastle Racecourse on Thursday 29th July 2021.