Can You Name Every Racecourse In The UK And Ireland?

James Mackie | @JMackieRacing

Racecourse Quiz

The quiz that you never thought you wanted, but will not be able to leave it alone once you get into it with racing fans and none racing fans always loving a quiz that brings together sport and geography.

In just 20 minutes we are looking for you to name all of the racecourses across the United Kingdom and Ireland with a total of 85 tracks in total to get.

Throughout the calendar year there is jumps and flat racing across England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland with 85 tracks showing off the greatest sport in the world.

In 20 minutes this quiz is designed to do with friends, with clues like the style of racing that takes place at each track to what country the racecourses are in.

We are expecting no one to be able to get all 85 in the time limit, but we are happy to be proved wrong.

Good Luck!