My Horses

What is bet365’s My Horses?

My Horses is a must-have for any horse racing punter out there and particularly for those wanting to establish themselves as hardcore bettors on the sport and improve their knowledge in doing so. My Horses allows bet365 punters to create a portfolio on their betting page on the bet365 app or website, with this portfolio giving you a wide range of tools for your favourite horses so you never miss anything about them.

This nifty tool allows you to add in your favourite horses who you like to bet on or just watch, where you will receive reminders for when they are due to run, so you don’t miss a single race or moment of your favourite horse, jockey or stable. At the same time, My Horses allows you to keep track of jockeys, horses or stables performances by adding personalised notes into the My Horses section.

The personalised notes sections allows you to keep track of everything. You can add in notes on how the horse performed, the length they won or lost by, the position they finished in, or just a generic review that means something to you for the next time you go to watch or take a punt on them. Ultimately, this section and the whole point of My Horses is to keep you engaged with your favourite horses and so you can get the best out of horse racing betting each time you go to watch your favourite horse.

How Does My Horses Work?

Firstly, you’ll need to log into your bet365 account on the web page or app and head over to the Horse Racing or Trotting classification.

If you do not have a bet365 account yet you can make one using the offer at the top of this page. This will also allow you to get some extra bonus funds for your account when you first make it.

From here, you have several ways to add horses to your stable. One way is you can select ‘Search’ in the top menu and enter the name of a horse that is your favourite.

Then, if the horse is priced up for any race at that time, this horse will appear within the bet365 My Horses index, and by simply clicking the star next the horse, you can add it to the My Horses section so you don’t miss a beat with that horse. Alternatively, if a horse that you like is running that day, you can also favourite it directly from the racecard, which will then go into the My Horses section. If this is your preferred way, go over to the race coupon and click the star icon again and then tap on the corresponding icon next to the horse of your choice.

If your horse has already run, you may still add it to your My Horses section by simply clicking the star again next to the horse on the correct race result on the racing coupon. At the same time, you can head to the History section within your account and navigate it through this way.

Once you’ve added these horses to your My Horses section, they can then all be found by selecting ‘My Horses’ from the top of the Horse Racing classification - simple as that! You will then be alerted on your mobile device if you have the bet365 app installed for each time the horse is involved in a race.