We Give You The Horse And You Give Us The Sire

Sire Quiz

Here at The Winners Enclosure we are always trying to come up with new quizzes that are tough but also try and educate punters that might not have the knowledge of the sport they would like and this quiz does exactly that.

For every good Group 1 horse or aspiring superstar the Sire and Dam that the horse was made out of can make up a massive factor to how the horse will actually be when they go racing.

The majority of horses over the flat over all different distances from 6 furlong sprinters to 2 mile stayers in the big races at the big festivals that go on to win, mostly come out of male horses that in there racing career either won similar races or have won a Group 1 along the way.

This is the reason why they are now used for breeding because of the genetics behind it all. The logic is based on that if a horse is created out of a previous superstar then that horse will also develop some of his fathers traits as a race horse and this has happened frequently for many years.

This is what makes horses more so nowadays go for millions of pounds of the back of the potential they could have being bred out if a horse that was unbelievable.

Many of the horses in this quiz you should recognise but we want to see if you know who is behind their glory. You have four minutes to answer 15 questions, Good Luck.