True Or False Racing Quiz

Horse racing stops for no one in this world with the world of racing always changing with reactive and proactive news being released at all times.

I this quiz there bits of news that have been released this week that you either will or won't know depending on how much you have been paying attention to what has been happening this week in the sport.

The glory of this quiz is it is a bit of fun because there is only two possible options to what the answer could be, meaning that if you don't know you can guess and still have a chance at getting the answer.

Some of the questions coincide with the upcoming jumps season and you will have to know who trains what horses that will be challenging for the big races at Cheltenham this season.

You have three minutes to complete this quiz and as been said before it is a multiple choice based quiz with two possible answers per question. This is slightly easier than some of out other quizzes but it still requires a certain level of knowledge of the racing world, Good Luck and send your scores into @TWEnclosure and the best will be retweeted.