Name All 26 Irish Racecourses

Irish Racecourses

We have created a quiz asking you to name every racecourse in Ireland and the two in Northern Ireland, there are 26 overall and we think you racing fans should go close to getting them all.

Irish racing makes up a large variety of the British horse racing scene with a whole host of different entities all coming together to create great race horses, great races and the best atmosphere on a race day.

For the big races of the year over both flat and jumps the Irish contingent of horses, trainers and jockeys will all come over to England to compete in the best races around t the big festivals.

With more so than ever before on the past few years the Irish taking over and landing more winners at the Cheltenham Festival and sometimes over the flat at Royal Ascot.

But when it comes to English going over to Irish racecourses, this is not something as well heard of and this is because there isn't as many big race at the different racecourses in Ireland.

There are some phenomenal tracks in Ireland and in Northern Ireland with a total of 26 racecourses across the whole of then two countries.

Because the majority of horse racing fans in the United Kingdom know there local courses and know a fair few around the countries we thought we would change it up and see how many of the Irish courses you know.

You have five minutes to get all 26 of the racecourses, this is not multiple choice so you will have to know the answers straight up using your knowledge. Good Luck and Tweet your scores into @TWEnclosure