Matt Chapman True Or False Quotes Quiz

Matt Chapman is one of the most well known racing and betting experts around at the moment and is very much well known for his outspoken manor.

He is seen across many different networks and publications voicing his opinions on relevant topics in the horse racing world and one think he is not afraid of is being a lone wolf with his opinions.

Mainly broadcasting on ITV Racing on the weekends covering everything you need to know from the betting ring and in the week on At The Races giving live interviews and updates from racecourse all across the UK and Ireland.

Last year Chapman was scheduled to become the new commentator of Dancing On Ice after impressing with ITV Racing, however he only managed to complete one show and was subsequently axed from the programme, which looked very unfair.

He is very much the man in the know within British horse racing but the way he can put across his opinions and ideas can for some people be uncomfortable to view and he is very much a Marmite type of character.

This view is also shared in some of the things he actually comes out with live on air and we though it would be fun to create a quiz that revolve around some of the things he has said over his career.

This is a true or false quiz, it is multiple choice with only two possible answers. You have three minutes to complete the 10 questions with the quote that Matt Chapman either did or didn't say in there.

Good Luck!