Horse Racing Anagram Quiz

We have created a quiz that is fun but will really test your mental ability and can be for who have knowledge of horse racing but also people who look working out puzzles.

Anagrams are a fun little brain teaser that a lot of people can get involved in and it is one of those things that can really leave you frustrate because you can't work it out.

This is our plan, we have made this quiz extra tough so it really make you think about the answer. We have included anagrams of races, jockeys, trainers, horses and racecourses so there is wide variety in there.

Next to the anagrams there are hints to what the actual answer is and thisis there to help you becuase you only have eight minutes to complete the quiz.

There is no multiple choice in this one so its just you the quiz and eight minutes of your time to go and get 12/12. If any of you can get full marks we want to know so tweet your scores into @TWEnclosure. Good Luck!