Eight Racecourses That Have Park Or City In Their Name

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With around 60 racecourses in the United Kingdom and 26 in Ireland overall there is fair amount of places to go and enjoy a day out of the racing.

When going to a racecourse people look at different things to why they should go to that certain one, it might be your local or closest one that attracts you or it might be a party or stag do that isn't close but you make a day of it with your friends.

The overall point is when going to the racing for some people it is not all about the horses, with more and more people just going for a day out with friends.

Saying that there is hardcore racing fans that travel the country to go and watch certain horses at certain racecourses and those are the people that will know the names of there racecourses.

in the United Kingdom and Ireland there are eight tracks that after there names have either Park or City and we are asking you to get them.

You have 2 minutes to get the eight courses, it is not multiple choice but you do have hints to help you with your answers. Good Luck and tweet your scores into @TWEnclosure

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