Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Betting Odds?

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Betting Odds?

In betting whether it be football, horse racing or any other sport eligible to bet on all everyone wants to do is earn money.

One way to maximise your way to do this when picking your horse for example is shopping around and looking for the best odds. This can be online or if on course can be done by going and looking across the different stands to see who is offering what.

The only true way to get the best odds is actually knowing what the odds actually mean from the stake you are putting on. More so now to make it easier for punters online bookmakers give you the option to change from fractions to decimal and a lot of people new to betting oblige.

However the old school punters and people who have a frequent gamble will have been bought up to know betting is with fractions and with that this quiz can either show you up and tell yourself you don’t know your odds as much as you think or it will help you to learn as it will show you the right answer.

We’ve compiled a multiple choice quiz for all you that have been watching the festival this week – there’s 10 questionsin total and you’ve got 3 minutes to complete it in. Anything above 8/10 is an impressive score so give it your best shot and tweet your scores into us @TWEnclosure. Good Luck!

Bookies in the Best Mate enclosure during Gold Cup Day of the 2017 Cheltenham Festival