Quiz: Can You Name The Nationalities Of These Figures In Horse Racing

Quiz: Can You Name The Nationalities Of These Figures In Horse Racing

In Horse racing it is known for having many different people from all backgrounds of life that take part or are well known within the sport and with that comes the amount of different nationalities there is.

Owners are known for being from all around the globe that normally go to the big festival meetings if there horses are running and can be travelling from the other side of the world. The usual suspects for owners are the Sheiks from Dubai and other countries from the Middle East.

For jockeys it is normally more straight forward to tell where there from as a lot on the spectrum are from the United Kingdom or Ireland. Very rarely is the case that a jockey, especially well known ones aren’t from places around the world that horse racing is all known but there is exceptions to the rules with two jockeys in this quiz not having the nationality you would think.

Trainers again are very self explanatory and similar to jockey’s in the sense Great Britain holds most of there entries with the odd exception of across the pond in France and Asia.

Horses are a totally different ball game as where they are breeder what horse they are bred out of will make what nationality that horse is and some of the leading Group 1 contenders around this season on the flats aren’t the nationality you think they would be.

We’ve compiled a quiz for all of you that enjoy horse racing to have a go at – there’s 12 questions in total for you to have a go at. Anything above 10/12 is an impressive score so give it your best shot and tweet your scores into us @TWEnclosure. Good Luck!


Masar ridden by Jockey William Buick wins the bet365 Craven Stakes during day three of The Bet365 Craven Meeting at Newmarket Racecourse.