Quiz: Can You Guess The Famous Faces In Horse Racing?

Quiz: Can You Guess The Famous Faces In Horse Racing?

Horse racing fans across the globe will know, like anyone with a passion or a hobby about a sport or there idols, you will be able to recognise them or a person associated with the sport in seconds just from a glimpse of them and this quiz is exactly the same.

Within horse racing there are many famous faces and in this quiz we are trying to test your knowledge on how much you know about the people, horses and places in the sport.

Trainers make up a big part of racing with their face and interviews being branded across the TV and newspapers after their horses win. In this quiz there are many famous winning trainers that if you haven’t seen or heard of before, you haven’t been looking close enough.

Winning Jockeys are frequent in the sport with many different faces getting up on the stage to collect there trophy but the good riders are the ones that are up there more frequently than the others and this quiz features some of them.

Owners of the horses make up a big part of horse racing because they are key to seeing where there horse is going to race. With not many of them being well known there is a handful that have been around the game for a long time, but can you recognise them?

The horses are the reason we love the sport but only true fans can recognise what a horse actually looks like from the difference in there colour or with the jockey and the silks they are ridden in all the time. Can You?

Finally the Racecourses, a lot of punters when going to race meetings don’t think about the course and take in the architecture, they want to watch the racing and earn some money, but with the tracks you have been to can you remember key things that they have there?

We’ve compiled a multiple choice quiz for all of you that enjoy horse racing  – there’s 15 questions in total for you to have a go at. Anything above 13/15 is an impressive score so give it your best shot and tweet your scores into us @TWEnclosure. Good Luck!

Dark Vision ridden by Jockey Silvestre de Sousa (left) goes on to win the Qatar Vintage Stakes during day one of the Qatar Goodwood Festival at Goodwood Racecourse, Chichester.