Quiz: Can You Name The Horses Jockey Colours

Quiz: Can You Name The Horses Jockey Colours

A lot of the greatest horses of all time have always had a jockey on board that will wear the same silks. The more and more times you see them winning that is when the colours of the jockey start to stick in your mind and you remember the horses name along with that.

The most recognised horses are ones that the jockey wheres bright colours or have a unfamiliar pattern on it. Every year when it comes round to the Grand National a lot of the population have a bet and for people who don’t like horse racing or know nothing about it they either pick a number or a colour.

The Colour of the jockey in the grand scheme of things doesn’t mean a lot to an outsider viewer but for people within the racing world it means quite a big deal because it shows who the owner of the horse is.

For some punters knowing who owns the horse gives them a sway with backing them because of what form there horse is in. Godolphin are recognised for their all blue silks but there horses are spread across different trainers.

Where as Coolmore only have there horses trained by one trainer, Aidan O’Brien. This then allows punters to check how the yard is working and the form they have and the owners figures.

When having a bet no one puts money down to lose it, you believe you have a strong chance of winning or gambling would be pointless, but to have that edge in racing you have to read about all different aspects of the horse you want to back and overall even the colour of the horse’s jockey could play a big part.