Musselburgh To Have Inspection Ahead Meeting On Friday

Musselburgh are set to host a six race card on Friday afternoon but will have to undergo a course inspection at 8am with the current condition of the course due to adverse weather giving the meeting a 50/50 chance of going ahead.

The Scottish based track could be up against it and it will be down to the weather forecast which looks very bleak for the course with predicted temperatures of below freezing overnight, with frost setting in to different parts around the racecourse.

(Credit Racing Post) Clerk of the course Harriet Graham said on Thursday morning: "I think it's 50:50. It is forecast to get down to -3C tonight and only get up to 3C by noon so it's going to be tricky. It was just below freezing last night and I think we'd have raced today."

This weather is expected to carry on into the weekend to different parts of England with the North going to be hit the worst and Scotland set to be in the firing line also with snow and frost expected that could have a big part to play with the weekends racing.

Haydock have a stand out card on Saturday with Four Grade 2 contests that are set to show off some great spectacles and clerk of the course Kirkland Tellwright is "very optimistic" racing will still go ahead.

He said: "We aren't forecast any substantial frost, the main risk on Friday night is what precipitation we get whether that be snow or sleet.

We haven't made a decision about covering yet but the probability is that we will only cover the barest areas of the track.

"Our odds would be better than 50:50. I would say we are very optimistic that racing will go ahead."

Ayr also are strongly favouring towards their card on Sunday will go ahead, and their clerk of the course Graeme Anderson said: "We had some frost last night and we will have some tonight."Over the weekend we are expecting temperatures of +2 with a chance of a shower on Saturday afternoon. At the moment we seem to be avoiding it so it looks okay."