Opinion: Should Female Jockeys Be Given More Professional Rides?

Opinion: Should Female Jockeys Be Given More Professional Rides?

The Debate for equal rights in sport for men and women will be a topic that will go on for decades until something dramatically changes.

However horse racing is one of the few sports that has started over the last five years to really try and introduce woman jockeys and trainers into the sport to try to make it more equal, but this still isn’t enough.

Woman in 2018 hold only around 11 percent of professional riding licenses in the sport, this includes apprentices on the flats and the jumps.

Over a the last 14 years female jockeys took only 5.2% of rides which is a remarkable stat that highlights that in the sport even though they are trying to rectify the image of equality, when you dig deeper and actually look at the stats there is still along way to go.

Female jockeys in National Hunt racing have the lowest share of rides compared with flat racing with only having a share of 2.9 percent of chances on board the horses over the last 14 seasons which is horrendous.

Another difference through out racing between the two genders is the amount of rides men get in the top races like Group and Class 1s on the flat with women only having a 1.1 percent share of the rides. this equals out to 1 in 100 top flight contests goes to a female rider which is astonishing.

The question is within the sport, should this change and if so what amendments should the sport make to allow for more female jockeys to get more rides.

For sport in general there should be a huge shake up in the way woman are treated in sport compared to men and this comes down to the difference in money and opportunities between the two genders that they get.

Female jockeys in racing have shown over the past 14 years that when up against men in class 3, 4 and 5 races there was no difference between the amount of wins the two sex’s picked up but obviously this is different in top flight races due to less opportunities woman riders get.

Overall there does need to be permutations but in place by the BHA to really delve into the problem the sport faces with equality even though there has been progress over the last decade, there could still be more done.

This doesn’t mean that Male riders aren’t the better sex in the sport because the overall figures do show that male riders have more top class winners and more winners overall when equalled out with woman but the overall argument is that woman in the sport and definitely sport in general should be given more of an opportunity to compete alongside men.

Jockey Bryony Frost celebrates her victory on Frodon in the Crest Nicholson Handicap Chase