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On this page we will be providing a horse tracking service where we simply track horses who have impressed us and then we will be posting them on here and tweeting them out the night before and on the day they run. Obviously to start off with, we don’t have that many horses in our tracker but over time we will be looking to accumulate a database of around 150+ horses for you and ourselves to track. This service will eventually be put into our app for you to track the horses using our HorseTracker application on iOS. Once a horse goes into our tracker, we will then monitor how it’s doing and if it is still showing promise after three races, we will keep it in permanently. If it runs badly those three times after it is put in our Tracker then we will be taking it out but we will be keeping an eye on it.

This page, as you may have noticed, is different to our tips page. There may be races where we have horses from our tracker running but we have tipped another horse. This is due to us giving an honest opinion and trying to provide you guys with a quality service. Just because we have tipped another horse doesn’t mean that we think it will run badly, it simply means we fancy another horses chances slightly more. If you haven’t already, you can download our HorseTracker app HERE and follow us on Twitter HERE.

Check out all of our horses from our Tracker who have been entered to race over the coming few days below…


18th May

Benbatl – 15:30 York

Brian The Snail – 16:35 York

Jalela – 19:25 Newmarket

19th May

Faithful Promise – 14:20 York

Neola – 14:20 York

Classical Times – 14:55 York

Jalela – 15:40 Newbury

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Horses In The Tracker

Act Of Valour (flat)

Adalene (flat)

Alfredo (flat)

Ambassadorial (flat)

American (jumps)

Arabian Hope (flat)

Barney Roy (flat)

Beat The Bank (flat)

Benbatl (flat)

Big Challenge (flat)

Bowerman (flat)

Brian The Snail (flat)

Brittanic (flat)

Brother Bear (flat)

Cartographer (flat)

Chessman (flat)

Classical Times (flat)

Daschas (flat)

Denaar (flat)

Dream Castle (flat)

Dreamfield (flat)

Dubai Horizon (flat)

Faithful Promise (flat)

Fashion Business (flat)

Fast Landing (flat)

Frozen Angel (flat)

Giants Treasure (flat)

Glastonbury Song (flat)

Gymnaste (flat)

Havana Grey (flat)

Irishcorrespondent (flat)

Itsakindamagic (flat)

Jalela (flat)

Janszoon (flat)

Khaiaraat (flat)

Lakeside Castle (jumps)

Mark Of Approval (flat)

Melon (jumps)

Middle Kingdom (flat)

Monarchs Glen (flat)

Mr Minerals (flat)

Mukalal (flat)

Musaanada (flat)

Mustarrid (flat)

Naseem (flat)

Neola (flat)

New Signal (flat)

Night Of Glory (flat)

Omran (flat)

One Minute (flat)

Orderofthegarter (flat)

Pleasant Surprise (flat)

Poetique (flat)

Prosper (flat)

Second Thought (flat)

Silken Dancer (flat)

Sorelle Delle Rose (flat)

Sparkalot (flat)

Stepney (flat)

Tocco D’amore (flat)

Twenty Times (flat)

Valcartier (flat)

Way Of Wisdom (flat)

Yamarhaba Malayeen (flat)

Zamfir (flat)