Betfair Acca Edge Explained

This page will explain to you all of the details about Betfair’s latest feature ‘Betfair Acca Edge’ and what Acca Edge is and looks like when using Betfair to place bets. We will explain the terms and conditions to use and activate this feature, as well as pros and cons of using Acca Edge when betting.

What is Betfair Acca Edge?

Betfair Acca Edge applies to accumulators consisting of a minimum of three selections or more and you can use it across any sport and any market.

If one result lets you down on your accumulator, then Betfair will offer you money back as cash in return for a slight reduction in odds. The reduced odds that you will be offered are calculated by Betfair to get the value of what the accumulator would’ve initially been if you didn’t include the selection that failed to win.

Not got a betfair account?

To use the Betfair Acca Edge, you must, first of all, have a Betfair account, if you don’t have an account with Betfair, do not worry, we’ve got you covered as you can easily get involved with our sign-up offers.

Once you have read all of the terms and conditions and signed up, you will be free to go and use Acca Edge through Betfair as long as you apply to the Acca Edge rules as explained above.

So simply all you will have to do is login to your Betfair account, make at least three selections for your bet slip, then hit the Edge icon next to your chosen selection and place your bet.

Is Betfair Acca edge any good?

A question which will frequently be asked by those who are exploring the idea of using Betfair Acca Edge will be: Is Betfair’s Acca Edge any good?

Betfair Acca Edge actually offers advantages to your bet slip, as it offers acca benefits across all sports and all markets with there being no limit on refunds and odds requirements, making it fairly simple to understand and use. The only condition that you will need to meet to activate an Acca Edge bet is that you must have at least a treble of selections on your accumulator, as previously stated above in the Acca Edge rules.

Example of Betfair Acca Edge

As mentioned above when we explained Acca Edge, you will find that there are many pros of making an Acca Edge bet, such as being offered money as a return for slightly reduced odds if one of your selections fails.

Another good point of using Acca Edge is that if you pick three selections that you believe have a good chance of happening, then you can choose a risky fourth selection in your Acca Edge bet and still make money if three of your choices win.

Also, Acca Edge works alongside Betfair’s best odds guaranteed promotion, meaning that if your bet is successful, it is still based off that promotion and any reduction would still apply if a single selection on your bet was to let you down, it must be noted that this Acca Edge feature is particularly good for markets such as horse racing.